How film production works (video)

The company “PLASTCHIM UKRAINE” is equipped with one line for the production of BOPP film, with a capacity of 5,000 tons per year.
The process of manufacturing the final product begins with raw materials, a significant part of which Plastchim Ukraine receives by processing its own waste. It is loaded into special equipment that transports polypropylene to the production line. Next is the process of making the film.
Upon completion, the finished roll is removed and transported to the semi-finished product. From there it gets to the cutting site, and then to the finished product and eventually – to the customer

We are building a new production line!

In 2021, Plastchim Ukraine LLC attracted UAH 100 million to develop its own enterprise.
Dmytro Pasichnyk, Commercial Director of the company, noted that the main part of the investment is aimed at building a new line for the production of BOPP film.
“As of today, we produce 5,000 tons a year. After the completion of all works, the installation of new equipment will increase the capacity to 12 thousand tons per year. This will provide European quality film to 50% of the Ukrainian market, “he said.

Our charity

In 2021, Plastchim Ukraine LLC sent more than UAH 300,000 in charitable assistance for the development of the Volyn Regional Clinical Hospital.
Recently, the company’s executive director Rudolf Krainyak, commercial director Dmytro Pasichnyk and financial director Ihor Demchuk received a letter of thanks from Oleksandr Dudar, head of Volyn’s main medical institution.
The doctor thanked the representatives of the company for many years of cooperation, noting that such support can improve the working conditions of staff and the provision of medical services to the population.
In particular, in 2021 the consultative polyclinic was repaired: manipulation rooms and the examination room, the plumbing was replaced, and the registry office was overhauled.
In turn, Rudolf Krainyak stressed that Plastchim Ukraine is a socially responsible company that is always thinking about improving the environment in which it operates.
“It is very important for us to support Lutsk in its development. Many years ago, we decided to invest in the city’s medical system. Previously, funds were provided for the regional children’s hospital, which allowed to repair several important premises there. Of course, we will continue to support the city’s medical facilities, “he said.
By the way, Terichem Tervakoski a.s, which together with Plastchim Ukraine LLC is part of a group of companies engaged in the production of capacitor film, polymer film and flexible packaging in Bulgaria, Slovakia and Finland, also financed the renovation of the clinic. The total amount of charitable assistance is one million UAH